Media Federation of India is a reputed organization of and for journalists of our country. Media Federation of India was formed in the year 2006 by group of journalist organizations of India to work for the benefit and to support media professionals. 

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MFI holds National Awards and on the other hand Regional Awards in almost all States as State Awards.
MFI is also taken a step ahead to organise Seminars aiming overall development of journalists.

Business Summit

MFI also organises Business Summit for the benefit of the newspaper publishers, news channels and digital mediums. These Business Summits are held in metrocities & major towns of the country.


Media Federation Of India provides career opportunities to its members & journalists as well. It supports both technical, non technical and other fields to pursue jobs along with learning skills. The basic objective of the Federation is to open desired career ventures to the associated members and journalists.


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16th Media Excellence Awards 2022 New Delhi : Media Federation

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Address:- New Delhi

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